Privacy Policy Microkinetic.Net reserves the right to change this agreement at any time without any notice.

REQUIREMENTS by using our services you are agreeing to follow and obey our terms of service at all times. You must be 18 years or older to access our services, if you are under 18 years of age you must have parental [or legal guardian] consent to be using Microkinetic.Net Online Services. The customer of the account is held responsible for any claims or charges that may occur from the minor’s use of the service.

Microkinetic.Net has no warranty of its service and availability, the Customer must understand and agree that Microkinetic.Net services may be terminated or discontinued at anytime without notice. Customer understands we have no responsibility for refunding any period of time or prepaid charges, though we will do our best in serving you. Services May and will be restricted, temporarily suspended, or even termination of account if Microkinetic's abuse team finds any type of violation.

Account Users: If you want to discontinue your services att any point, customer must notify the Microkinetic.Net team 15 days prior to the next month's payment date. Or you will be charged for the following month.

By agreeing with our policy you agree to defend, indemnify and hold Microkinetic.Net, its Team and employees completely harmless for and loss or damages and against any and all problems that may occur in ex. failure or services, programs and equipment, This includes but is not limited to any possible damages resulting from interruptions or delays in any service, deletion of User's files, termination of any of the customer's processes on any of Microkinetic.Net's servers, errors in performance of duties. Customer agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Microkinetic.Net, its Team and employees for and legal actions brought against customer by any third party because of customer's use or misuse of their Microkinetic.Net account.

IMPORTANT In order to ensure that Microkinetic.Net is able to provide Great services which are responsive to customer needs, customer must agree to Microkinetic.Net employees being able to access your account, records, and stored data AT ANY GIVEN TIME FOR ANY GIVEN REASON. Thus allowing us to investigate complaints or other allegations of abuse. Violation of Terms of Service may result in immediate deletion of a users account.

Microkinetic.Net services and accounts may only be used for lawful purposes. Use of a Microkinetic.Net account or service for illegal purposes is grounds for immediate termination. Use of a Microkinetic.Net account to access passwords, encryption codes, or other security information of Microkinetic.Net or other sites on any computer network is grounds for immediate termination and, if illegal files are found in your account used for Hacking that may cause any sort of damage your account will be immediately terminated. [Do not store these kinds of files!! + Don't DoS from your shell! ], If illegal, Customer will be reported to the proper authorities.

BILLING all services MUST be paid either through PayPal or the Credit cards listed below. - Credit Card: - Visa - Discover - American Express - MasterCard - Each account customer agrees to pay Microkinetic.Net in advance for any and all services. Customer must provide accurate billing information. You as the customer agree to report changes to billing information to Microkinetic.Net within two weeks [14 days] prior of the change via an email to billing at microkinetic.net

Your account and services begin once the money is received and valid with Microkinetic.Net's Team. We will send an email as a receipt for all payments. If we have a change in our prices we will inform you at least a week prior to your next bill by email. Customers will receive a past due notice if they haven't paid on time and will have a one week period before termination of account will take effect. * User may de-activate account immediately by giving notice in the form of email to sales at microkinetic.net that User wishes immediate de-activation, thereby terminating this Agreement; however NO REFUND is required or given by Microkinetic.Net for any unused services.

SECURITY Microkinetic.Net agrees to hold customer's billing information in the strictest of confidence. Microkinetic.Net agrees not to give or sell User's billing information to any mailing lists. Customer must understand that Information transmitted over the Internet and/or other computer networks is generally not secure. While we respect the privacy of our customers, the Customer understands that there is no guaranteed privacy on the Internet. Microkinetic.Net cannot be held responsible for any viewing or interception of Information.

AGREEMENT Continuation beyond this point constitutes acceptance and understanding of the above agreement. By purchasing any service from this site, you agree that you have read and agree to follow this policy. If customer does not agree, or does not understand any portion of this agreement they may not continue in the process to apply for a Microkinetic.Net account, and may contact Microkinetic.Net for any clarifications or questions on these terms.
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